09 March 2013


Recent snow events have caused great unhappiness in my life. What I need right now is not more winter. What I need is to wear pink pants, listen to terrible pop music and drink a fruity something with an umbrella in it. The tease of 50 degree days followed by winter storms is enough to drive me to Florida, which, while unusually soulless and elderly, is reliably warm and accommodating on the umbrellaed drink front.

But there will be no Florida for me this year. Instead, I will suffer through the tail end of winter right here in cloudy, dark, windy, wintery mix-y Connecticut, covering up the pedicure I got in a fit of delusional optimism with thick woolen socks and clunky, weather-beaten boots. If you need me for any reason, you'll find me curled up in the corner, crying into my umbrellaless drink whilst listening to Mozart's Requiem and wearing regular colored pants. The world is a cruel place.

I didn't always feel this way about winter. I can remember a time, as recently as last month, when I welcomed the snow and embraced the cold. While those days are long gone, I look back on them with fondness and invite you remember with me as you look at these photos of times gone by. It is also my hope that, by releasing these photographs I will have thereby exorcized all remnants of winter and induced the onset of spring. 

New Haven



Middle of Nowhere


New Haven