24 November 2012


In case you were wondering what happened to me, I've just come down from an 8 month work binge, followed by a 2 week shopping binge that is finally culminating into one huge refusal to get dressed for at least a week. I'm armed with a Kindle full of books, the Sunday crossword, and a cute kid - the only thing missing is the appropriate wardrobe. "A wardrobe for NOT GETTING DRESSED?" you ask? Honestly! One cannot be expected to live a life of leisure looking like a common hobo. I, for one, plan on channeling the glamorous housewives of Old Hollywood, sitting at my vanity as I powder and perfume myself in perpetuity. And here's what I would like to wear:

This robe by Zinke, for sitting at the aforementioned vanity.

This robe by Eberjay, for cozying up by the fire[place DVD].

These silk pajamas from J. Crew for when I get to the crossword. 

This chemise by Fleur of England as a coy nod to the holidays. 

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