20 May 2013


It's time once again for a self-imposed shopping ban. This season's ban will last until September and won't be as restrictive as my last ban (given the wild binge that occurred moments after it was lifted). This time around I will allow myself to buy the occasional item, provided it fills some kind of functional void. That means I have to slap my hand down every time it reaches for a chambray shirt or BB cream, but a suit or replacement bottle of shampoo would be okay (yawn).

Why a shopping ban fills me with this much dread is beyond me, as I wear the same exact thing every day (chambray shirt, BB cream) - but it does. I suppose I like the idea of options, just in case. With that in mind, I'm hoping that this shopping ban will not only force me to save money and fight the man or whatever, but also allow my current wardrobe realize its full potential. Surly there's variety in there somewhere, right?

Fortunately the internet invented Pinterest to keep track of looks I can bastardize steal replicate with my current wardrobe. FYI, my wardrobe = Madewell + Anthropologie with aspirations of being Steven Alan + Anthropologie.

(via Apartment 34) I think looking too pulled together is boring, but I have to do it from time to time. A t-shirt and cardigan could feasibly convince me to whip out that pencil skirt that's been hiding in the back of my closet. Knotting the t-shirt might be too risque for me, but I like the general idea.

(via Pennyweight.) Did I mention I have a lot of chambray shirts and gold necklaces?

(via Garance Dore.) Honestly I have no excuse not to look like this all the time. This is the amount of pulled together plus frazzliness I'm generally going for. I'll start with this tomorrow.

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