30 June 2011


I just joked on Facebook that I have more blogs than blog posts. This is not strictly true, but the gap is closing.

I started my first blog years ago as an escape from my normal routine of spending all day working for just causes and spending all night talking about them. Since I was interested in other things, I created the persona of The Lazy Hedonist as an embodiment of everything I was not. Unlike me, she could indulge without restraint and accumulate without guilt.

I enjoyed having this outlet but, as one might imagine, I had absolutely no authority to speak on my chosen subjects and was definitely wanting for an original point of view. Limitless materialism just isn't me. But neither are Earth Shoes, veganism, DIY, and all the other unsavory things one might find in alternative fashion media.

So I decided to create yet another blog. The Lazy Hedonist is still at it, but she's found her soul.

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