01 July 2011


I have the unfortunate tendency to play it safe with fashion. I don't always trust myself when it comes to putting pieces together, which leads to a lot of jeans and one piece dresses. My other problem is that my weight fluctuates, which means that my more fitted clothes aren't always flattering.

That's why I'm in love with the recent trend of pairing a nice, safe, go-with-everything-flaw-concealing sweater with a bolder print on bottom. I'm also a huge fan of any kind of transformational layering, i.e. the sweater over a tight dress at work and ditched for evening.

I love the idea of this look with a chunky cable knit sweater, but the very thought is making me sweat. Better to take a cue from Phillip Lim and Celine, above, and go with something more delicate and lightweight.

I dare you to find a better option than one of these two sweaters from Pure Cashmere. They look gorgeous, and I'm totally impressed with Pure's dedication to sustainability and fair practices. They detail every step of their process on their website, which is worth a peek. I'm usually skeptical of claims like these (greenwashing, anyone?) but Pure is refreshingly thorough and transparent. They cover everything from how trade works in the cashmere industry (which I did not know) to the fact that they haven't come up with a way to use renewable energy in Mongolia (honesty?!). The only thing I can't vouch for is how they feel. Buy me one and I'll let you know!

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