08 December 2011

Gift Guide #1: Girl you don't know that well

I had this huge post up about holiday dressing, but it was definitely Polyvore overload so I took it down. If you're curious as to what I think you should wear, though, you can check out these dresses, these fancier dresses, these blazers, this hosiery, and this footwear.

Now on to the issue of what to get your Secret Santa co-worker/kids' babysitter/brother's new girlfriend. You may not know her that well, but that's not a green light to pick up something off the Rite Aid discount table. Better to take this opportunity to show her how cool and thoughtful you are with one of these:

Recycled bud vase, $14. It will look good in virtually any apartment.

Bamboo headphones, $40. Because you know how important it is to tune out your annoying coworkers.
Body scrub, $38. I love the packaging, her skin will love the natural detox.

You can't text in gloves. Try these hand warmers, $36 instead.

I can't stand how dried out I get in the winter. Salve, $26 solves everything.
Teak coasters, $24. Each one is unique!

This Himalayan spice tin candle, $18, smells like a campfire, which is obviously the coziest scent ever.

Stay tuned for Gift Guide #2: Boy you know very well.

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