29 December 2011

no sweat

I hope your holidays were full of food, family and style. I'm sure you didn't suffer too much from my lack of follow through re:more gift guides, but I apologize nonetheless.

Now it's time to gear up for the new year. We'll be ringing it in with my parents at the family's northern Michigan cottage, which should be cozy and relaxing. I'm working on some resolutions, but in the meantime I'm enjoying a break from all the dressing up and going out Keith and I did around Christmas.

That brings us to my final purchase of 2011. I have all these fun tights and leggings for the winter, but they look a little formal paired with sweater dresses. Solution? Sweatshirt dress! This Steven Alan piece from the 2012 resort collection would be perfect, even if it might still technically be a sweater:

But alas, I didn't work an income-earning day in 2011(!!!) So I had to settle for
the American Apparel alternative:

It might not be work appropriate, but that's not currently an issue (see above). Anyway, cheers to a little lazy-wear, and have a great end to 2011!

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