02 August 2011


What kid doesn't secretly love a new school year? Most kids, I'm told, but I'm not buying it. Am I to believe that all kids DON'T sit down in the beginning of August and write out detailed shopping lists and resolutions for the upcoming academic cycle? Likely story!

I loved planning for the fall. A quick flip through any of my childhood diaries will reveal lists upon lists of resolutions like "get all A's," "talk more in class," and "FINALLY get a boyfriend." My shopping lists were painfully specific. I would outline not only the amount of notebooks I'd need, but also width of rule (wide v. college), number of sections, style of divider (plastic or cardboard? pockets or none?) and even acceptable brands. No pencil lead diameter, pen ink color, or loose leaf paper margin could be left to chance.

My lists for clothes were also highly detailed. I'd plan to buy (neon) basics that I could "mix and match," and then a few crazy accessories and details to make each outfit stand out. So an excerpt from a list might look like this:

FALL 1993:

3 pairs stirrup stretch pants - black, blue and purple
2 pairs of jeans -basic and acid wash
1 pair navy blue dressy pant
tights - patterned and solid colors
jean shorts for over tights or pants

several t-shirts - different colors/Hypercolor and No Fear if Mom lets me
4 button down shirts - plaid
1 blazer
3 v-neck sweaters in different colors
3 cardigans in different colors
jean jacket

I have to say that things haven't changed all that much. I'm not going back to school this fall, but I'm already pretty well stocked up on my wardrobe. Just like 12-year-old me, I set out to buy a handful of basics that I'll wear all the time, plus a few edgier pieces to shake things up. My basics aren't stretch pants from Kohl's now, and my on-trend items aren't (necessarily) Hypercolor or No Fear, but the spirit of the process is more or less the same.

The only thing I'm missing now is any clue as to how to put all this crap together. That's where street style blogs come in. Find a girl with my wardrobe but better fashion sense, throw her up on Pinterest, and emulate when I'm feeling uninspired. Et voilĂ ! Too cool for school.

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