15 August 2011

Why did Snoop Dogg go to New England?

Fo' drizzle!

Yeah, I know. I'm hilarious. But seriously, folks. It's been rainy, gray and [relatively] cool in my neck of the woods for the last couple days and I'm LOVING it! I'm totally ready for cooler weather and cozy indoor time, which is why this week's Good & Greedy Picks of the Week are a little fall-centric.

Obviously, my first pick is Bodkin. They're committed to sustainability and whatever, but the bottom line is that they make beautiful clothes. Their fall line makes my heart flutter.

My next pick are these gorgeous boucherouite rugs, via Berber-Arts. If colder temperatures are forcing the party inside, imagine ditching traditional furniture and cozying up on one of these Moroccan "rag rugs." From the Moroccan Arabic bu sherwit, meaning "a piece torn from pre-used clothing" or "scrap," these rugs are recycling at its finest.

I do recognize that it is still August. That gives us at least a few more weeks of outdoor entertaining. So my final pick is Jelloware - pretty, edible cups that you can just toss in the yard (or eat) when you're done with them. They're made from agar agar so not only will they biodegrade, but they'll nurture your garden. Imagine the impact you can make when you need to cut off a boozy guest. "You think you need another drink? Too bad, I ate your cup! HA!"

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