01 August 2011

Urban Cowboy, Girl, and Baby

We had a swell weekend - thanks for asking! We went camping in Brooklyn, of all places, and it was pretty awesome. We stayed at Floyd-Bennett Field, an old airport on Jamaica Bay that's been turned into all sorts of other things including the aforementioned campground. There are about 40 tent spots located right off an old runway and across from a hangar, which is open as a museum but currently infested with fleas. We were a bit disappointed that we couldn't look around, but grateful to have been warned about the fleas...

Above - the flea-ridden hangar. Below, Keith and Jasper bopping around the grounds in my childhood Radio Flyer, Jasper giving me a big kiss.

We pulled in late on Friday night. Jasper went right to sleep and Keith and I sat around the campfire, spinning yarns. On Saturday we decided to recover from our late night by cruising the Rockaways. We went by the beach to enjoy some awesome tacos and fresh juices. Keith had watermelon and I had pineapple/mint, which was probably the best juice of my life. The extreme heat plus the fact that we couldn't shower made us a little sluggish, but it was a good, summery day.

After the beach we decided to walk around Park Slope to grab a drink. While we were wandering around aimlessly we bumped into our friend Jason, who took us to a cute restaurant with good beer and a great backyard. After drinks we headed back to the campground and grilled up some sausages, accompanied by some salads I whipped up before we left. Sadly, though, the lentil salad (below) got ruined by melted ice. Sad. But it looks good, no?

On Sunday we went out to Fort Greene and had a good Moroccan brunch in an AWESOME backyard. The sausage (merguez) was fantastic, but the service was kind of terrible and they were actually playing a Michael Bolton CD.

Our battery died 3 times, so we decided to go home after Jason met us in Williamsburg to give us our final jump. I was a little thrown by how Williamsburg looks these days, but we were able to pick up some good stuff from Buffalo Exchange and a cute kid's store across the street. Overall a fun, albeit dirty, weekend!!


  1. Nice weekend! Glad to see the wagon in use. And how does Williamsburg look these days in comparison to what you were expecting?

  2. Hmmm...Williamsburg seems to have lost any "edge" it may have had. There were a lot of tourists there, which was kind of strange. But it was kind of better for us, since we had Jasper with us. I guess we've lost our edge too!