19 January 2012


I'm a sucker for beauty products. I'm the type of person (actually, this may not be a type of person so much as just a person ((me)) who doesn't feel the need to shower unless there's a fun new product involved. I figure that since I save money by not using said products every day, I can go ahead and splurge a little. Genius, no? No, actually it's gross, but whatever.

I'm also a sucker for natural products, but ten years ago this meant I was stuck with super-emollient, non-foaming goop that came in terrible packaging and smelled like a hippie. Sad stuff. Fortunately those day are gone and even places like Sephora have gotten with the program. My heavy rotation looks like this right now:

caudalie foaming face wash, klorane dry shampoo, kiehl's dry oil, korres wild rose moisturizer, origins refreshing eye cream; click for sources

My favorite new discovery is the dry shampoo. If you've tried a dry shampoo before, forget about that because this is so much better. It makes my hair feel clean and gives it even better volume than right after a blowout. And now I don't even have to shower to use my favorite product! (But seriously, I shower regularly and this gets rid of the gross feeling I usually get when I shower without washing my hair.)

I also really like body oil because my skin is so dry. The Kiehl's dry oil is an old standby for me (it does smell like a hippie, but in a classy way maybe???) but I'm also totally into this one by Fig and Yarrow (best packaging ever) and this lotion/oil hybrid thing by Jao (worst packaging ever) (but also in a classy way).

Any other hot tips? I'm always itching to try something new and I'm about due for a shower...


  1. Korres has this wacky guava lotion that I am gaga over, especially in winter. Also, I just got some body scrub from Sabon in their delicate jasmine scent. Who knew exfoliating could be so moisturizing?!

  2. I currently have no body scrub and lots of dead skin, so that will be my next thing. Thanks!

  3. Hey Maryli, I linked to this post through your FB and I'm intrigued by this whole dry shampoo concept! I've never even heard of it, but it would probably be immensely helpful for my hippy lifestyle. I have a few questions though. I found the Klorane brand on Amazon, but there seem to exist a few different options -- sprays vs. nonsprays. Do you have recommendations for what works? Are the nonsprays powders, in which case, how do you get the powder out of your hair? Also, approximately how long does the 3oz bottle last? Thanks!!

  4. Hi Daria,

    I've only used the oak milk spray so far, and I don't know how long it will last since I only got it two weeks ago. But I think that the nonspray is a powder that you brush out of your hair. I first read about it on http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2012/01/04/high-dry/ who said:

    "So I did what it said, gobbed it on to the roots and had white hair like Karl Lagerfeld. I got a little scared, no lies told, then brushed it out and had my hair sticking straight out like Robert Smith. I got a little more scared (this stuff gives some crazy volume) and then just like that, everything fell back in place and my hair looked amazing."

    I think that might be a little more hard core than the spray. I just spray it in and that's it, but I think if I had longer hair I might prefer the powder so I could brush it through my hair. Right now my hair's really short so I don't really style it or anything. I hope you find the right one, I wish I was more of an expert! But maybe Amazon reviews can help?

  5. Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, I'll look into the different types. I have pretty long hair at this point, but brushing powder out of it kind of freaks me out. Some reviews have said that the spray doesn't last as long as the powder, but yeah, I'll look into it more!