10 January 2012


Despite a little foot-dragging on both our parts, Keith and I finally managed to pick a date, a venue, and a caterer for our wedding in May. For everything else, though, my motto has been "we don't have to panic until January!"

Well...it's January, so wedding planning has kicked into high gear. And while I'm not going to divulge too many details from our wedding, there are tons of ideas we couldn't use that another couple may want to.

Let's start with attire. I found a dress with zero problems. I saw a picture somewhere, found an awesome bridal boutique (which I'll probably have to talk about more at some point), tried the dress on and fell in love. Shoes, on the other hand, were (are) a much bigger battle. I knew I wanted something sparkly but that's it.

Here's the problem - I love flats, but I only wear them with a dress or skirt if it hits at least 2 inches above the knee or is floor length. My dress is knee length, so despite the fact that I may wobble a bit and I'll definitely tower over my groom, I chose an obscenely high platform heel. Ah well...

If flats had been an option (which they still might be for the reception), I'd have gone for one of these ridiculously blinged-out babies:
from top to bottom: Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Vera Wang, Vera Wang

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