13 January 2012

Ramen Holiday (sorry)

A ramen-heavy diet is often seen as the unfortunate consequence of a cash-light wallet, but I think it's delicious. I weaned myself off the pre-packaged stuff while I was pregnant (we were a little weirded out by the ingredients in those magical flavor mixes), but I still ate my weight in Asian noodle soup. There are some pretty good, cheap and fast noodle places in New Haven that we'd visit some nights. Other nights I'd make my own soups, and they were pretty damn good.

My cooking has really gone down the tubes in recent months, though, and today I discovered that my noodle-doctoring abilities have gone with it. For lunch I made a big pot of ramen soup, spooned some out for Jasper, added some spice, and spooned some out for myself. I managed to add enough soy sauce to mine to make it edible, but Jasper found his to make better hair than food.

Fortunately there are plenty of decidedly more talented people out there doctoring ramen every day and telling us all about it on the www. Next time I'll let myself be guided by the pros - and maybe not try to do laundry and cook at the same time. Click on pictures for links.

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